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Production Automation Modern production automation offers a highly cost-efficient and scalable way to produce one of the greatest lighting products of our times.

LUZON Lighting Production Facility

Will start operations in autumn 2017.
Located in USA.
Unique automated assembly line in USA.
USA Production capacity of the first assembly line is about 2,500,000 LED tubes a year.
A second production line in 2018.
Production capacity of the second production line is about 7,5 million LED tubes a year

The beginnings of our own production

In 2012,Luzon Lighting started a development process for manufacturing LED tubes in China.
As a result, we opened our fully automatic assembly line and manufactured the first record-breaking LED tubes in 2015.

Operating policy

Our operating promise is that, as the largest USA LED tube manufacturer and with a focus on continuous improvement
We will offer high-quality products with a long lifespan, focusing on the customer, safety and environmental protection, and following our operative requirements.

Quality principles

We operate under the guidance of quality and environmental systems that are based on the company’s mission and vision.
Values are an equally important part of Luzon Lighting operations – we sell sustainable products that improve our customers’ well-being and economic efficiency.
The starting point of our product philosophy, as well as that of our operations, is to find the best solution for the customer’s needs.
We follow all valid work legislation and regulations and binding collective bargaining agreements at all our locations.
Our employees are trained to perform their tasks and taught about the company’s practices, and their expertise is maintained with regular training sessions.
We strive to continuously improve our products and practices.
We design, manufacture and test our LED tube products in-house, using only the most advanced technology and the highest-quality components.
Luzon Lighting was involved in developing the first T8 LED tube Dual Mode (Compatible and Bypass), DLC 3.0/ DLC 4.1, which we follow in our product manufacturing.

Environmental principles

Our intent is to be an example to other companies in the field by making environmentally sustainable choices based on our values.
At the end of their long lifespan, our LED tubes and their materials are easily recycled.
Production materials are acquired from Finnish suppliers as much as possible, and we try to select environmentally friendly shipping options for long-distance deliveries.
We have paid special attention to our product and packing materials to keep them non-toxic and their manufacturing environmentally friendly.
We reuse our production material packaging as material for packing customer products. Our packaging consists mostly of renewable cardboard and wood pulp instead of plastics.