Research and Development

LUZON LIGHTING belives that R&D is the core competitiveness for a LED lighting company. We not only focus on new product research and development but also regular product improvement. LUZON Lighting laboratory is equipped with advanced equipments for designing and testing high quality lights. In order to keep sharp insight into the market and the keen sense of technology smell, we have joined  Illuminating Engineering Society and LED Industry Association Director, keep good cooperation and communication with international LED lighting experts. At present, our R&D team has obtained more than 40 intellectual properties ,which is still moving forward. To better protect our partners’ benefits ,we have established a complete intellectual property protection system.

Industrial Design

Design by combining aesthetic with practical production,making our lights more fashionable and competitive.

Structure Design

A perfect combination of safety, durability, heat dissipation and manufacturing cost.

DIALux Simulation

For Projects we can offer space simulation statistics to get perfect lighting effect.

Electrical Parameters Testing

Test the power supply, voltage, electric current and so on. Make the lights reliable.

Integrating Sphere Testing

Measure spectral parameters like, CCT, CRI, wavelength, color rations and the lumen value.

Hot and Cold Impact Testing

Make sure all the lights can work stable at cold and hot temperature conditions.

Environmental Simulation Testing

Make sure the lights with excellent performance and long lifespan in a particular environment.

EMI Testing

Make sure the lights work without any interference to any other electrical equipment.

IES Testing

We have our own IES laboratory, LM-79 report available.